8390688. Walter the STEWARD 6th High Steward(18) was born in 1292 in Scotland - son of James Steward.(3) He was Ancestor of Royal Stewart line between 1315 and 1807 in Scotland. (19) He died in 1326 in Argyll - of the Clan Fife of Scotland. He was married to Lady Marjorie BRUCE in 1315 in Scotland (2nd cousins 1/r).(20)

8390689. Lady Marjorie BRUCE was born before 1297 in Scotland - dtr of Robert "The" Bruce VIII. She died on 2 Mar 1316 in Argyll - of the Clan Fife of Scotland. She was christened in Scotland - aka Margery (Marsali). Children were:

child i. Lady Maud BRUCE was born in Scotland - sis of King Robert II.
child4195344 ii. Robert II Stewart of SCOTLAND King.

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