4195344. Robert II Stewart of SCOTLAND King was born in 1315 in Scotland (founder Stuart Dynasty). He was christened between 1370 and 1390 in Scotland: 1st Stuart King aka Stewart. He died in 1390 in Dundonald, Scotland (age 74). He was married to ELIZABETH MURE in 1349 in Scotland (1st wife).

4195345. ELIZABETH MURE was born about 1320 in Rowallan, Scotland. She died after 1349 in Scotland - wife of King Robert II. Children were:

child2097672 i. Robert III of SCOTLAND King.
child ii. Walter STEWART was born about 1339 in Scotland - son of Robert II.
child iii. Robert Earl of Fife, Duke of ALBANY was born in 1340 in Scotland - aka Robert Stewart. He was christened on 28 Apr 1398 in Scotland cr 1st Duke of Albany. He died on 2 Sep 1420 in Scotland - reign of James I.
child iv. Alexander STEWART Earl of Buchan was born about 1343 in Scotland - aka Wolf of Badenoch son of Robert II. He died in 1405 in Lochindorb Castle? Scotland. He was christened in Scotland - head of the Stewarts of Garth.
child v. Marjorie of SCOTLAND was born about 1345 in Scotland - dtr of King Robert II.
child vi. Margaret of SCOTLAND Princess was born in Scotland - dtr of Robert II.

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