127. GEORGE I of HANOVER King of Great Britain(8) was born in 1660 in Hanover. He was christened in 1660 in Brunswick-Luneberg George Lewis the Elector. He Ruled England between 1714 and 1727. (25) He died in 1727 in Hanover (King of England) (1st House of Hanover). He Was buried on 11 Jun 1727 in Leineschloss Church, Hanover (later Herrenhausen).

He was married to Sophia Dorothea of BRUNSWICK-ZELLE (daughter of George William Duke of BRUNSWICK-ZELLE and Eleanore d' OLBREUSE Reichsgrafin) on 21 Nov 1682 in Hanover. He was divorced from Sophia Dorothea of BRUNSWICK-ZELLE. Sophia Dorothea of BRUNSWICK-ZELLE was born in Sep 1666 in Wilhelmsburg - dtr of Duke of George William. She died on 2 Nov 1726 in Ahlden Castle, Hanover - Duchess of Ahlden. She Was buried on 2 Nov 1726 in Ahlden Castle, Zelle. She was christened in Germany - aka Princess of Ahlden. GEORGE I of HANOVER King of Great Britain and Sophia Dorothea of BRUNSWICK-ZELLE had the following children:

child+149 i. GEORGE II of HANOVER King of Great Britain.
child+150 ii. Sophia Dorothea of HANOVER.

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