150. Sophia Dorothea of HANOVER was born in Mar 1687 in Hanover, Germany - dtr of King George I. She died in 1757 in Prussia - wife of Frederick William I. She was christened in Germany - aka Sophia Charlotte?. She was also known as Sophia Dorothea of England.

She was married to FREDERICK WILLIAM I of PRUSSIA (son of Frederick I of PRUSSIA and Sophia Charlotte HANOVER) in 1706 in Germany (married cousins). FREDERICK WILLIAM I of PRUSSIA was born on 14 Aug 1688 in Brandenburg - son of Frederick I in Prussia.(41) He Ruled Prussia between 1713 and 1740.(42) He died on 31 May 1740 in Potsddam, Prussia.(43) He was christened in Potsdam - House of Hohenzollern. Sophia Dorothea of HANOVER and FREDERICK WILLIAM I of PRUSSIA had the following children:

child+178 i. Wilhelmina of BRANDENBURG.
child+179 ii. Frederick II The Great of PRUSSIA.
child+180 iii. Princess Fredericka of PRUSSIA Margravine of Ansbach.
child181 iv. Princess Charlotte of PRUSSIA was born in 1719 in Potsdam, Prussia - dtr of Frederick Willim.
child+182 v. Louisa Ulrica PRUSSIA Queen of Sweden.
child+183 vi. Augustus William HOHENZOLLERN.
child+184 vii. Philippina HOHENZOLLERN.
child185 viii. Prince Henry HOHENZOLLERN was born in 1726 in Germany - son of Frederick William I. He died in 1802 in Germany.
child186 ix. Sophia of PRUSSIA was born about 1728 in Prussia - dtr of Frederick William I.
child+187 x. Ferdinand HOHENZOLLERN.
child188 xi. Anne Amalia of PRUSSIA was born on 8 Nov 1732 in Prussia - dtr of Frederick William I.

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