404. Princess Beatrice of ENGLAND was born in 1857 in England - dtr of Victoria & Albert. She died in 1944.

She was married to Prince Henry Maurice of BATTENBERG (son of Prince Alexander of HESSE-DARMSTADT and Julia Theresa Countess von HAUCK Princess of Battenberg) in 1885. Prince Henry Maurice of BATTENBERG(8) was born in 1858 in Hesse - son of Alexander. He died in 1896 in Ashanti expedition (died of fever). He was christened in Germany - aka Liko. Princess Beatrice of ENGLAND and Prince Henry Maurice of BATTENBERG had the following children:

child+532 i. Alexander BATTENBERG.
child+533 ii. Eugenia Victoria of BATTENBERG Queen of Spain.
child534 iii. Leopold of BATTENBERG was born in 1889 in England - son of Henry of Battenburg. He died in 1922.
child535 iv. Maurice of BATTENBERG was born in 1891 in England? son of Henry of Battenberg. He died in 1914.
child+536 v. Princess Louise of BATTENBERG.

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