533. Eugenia Victoria of BATTENBERG Queen of Spain was born in 1887 in dtr of Prince Henry and Beatrice.(8) She died in 1969.

She was married to Alfonso XIII SPAIN (son of Alfonso XII of SPAIN and Maria Cristina of AUSTRIA Archduchess of Austria) on 31 May 1906 in England. Alfonso XIII SPAIN (8) was born on 17 May 1886 in Spain - posthumous son of Alfonso XII. (37) He was under the Regency of his mother, Maria Cristina of Austria on 17 May 1886.(37) He Ruled Spain between 1902 and 1931.(192) He Noted Achievements were Kept Spain neutral during World War I in 1917/18. He Abdicated as to son Juan Carlos in 1931. He was Exiled from Spain between 1931 and 1941. He died on 28 Feb 1941 in exile from Spain - reign from 1886-1931. (37) He was christened in Spain - Leon Fernando Maria Isidro Paascual Antonio. Eugenia Victoria of BATTENBERG Queen of Spain and Alfonso XIII SPAIN had the following children:

child602 i. Alfonso XIV of SPAIN.
child603 ii. Jaime of SPAIN.
child604 iii. Beatrice of SPAIN.
child605 iv. Maria Cristina of SPAIN.
child+606 v. Don John (Juan) of SPAIN.

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