373. Emperor Maximilian of MEXICO was born in 1832 in Vienna, Austria - Archduke Maximilian. He Was buried after Jun 1867 in Vienna, Austria - Capuchin chapel. (132) He died on 19 Jun 1867 in Queretaro, Mexico (shot by Juarez). He was christened in Austria - aka Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph.

He was married to Charlotte of BELGIUM Carlotta of Borbon (daughter of King Leopold I of BELGIUM and Marie Louise d' ORLEANS) in 1857 in (d.s.p). Charlotte of BELGIUM Carlotta of Borbon was born in 1840 in Laeken, Belgium - only dtr of Leopold I. She died on 19 Jan 1927 in chateau de Bouchout near Brussels - Empress of Mexico 1864-67. She was christened in Belgium - Joaquina Carlota de Borbon.

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