304. Francis Charles of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA Archduke died in 1878. He was born in Austria - son of Francis II. He was also known as Franz Karl of Austria. (8)

Sophie of BAVARIA (daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of BAVARIA and Princess Caroline of BADEN) was born about 1802 in Bavaria - dtr of Maximilian I Joseph. She died in Bavaria - Duchess d'Alencon. Francis Charles of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA Archduke and Sophie of BAVARIA had the following children:

child+372 i. Emperor Francis Joseph I Hapsburg AUSTRIA-HUNGARY.
child+373 ii. Emperor Maximilian of MEXICO.
child+374 iii. Charles Louis of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE Archduke of Austria.
child375 iv. Louis Victor HAPSBURG-LORRAINE Archduke of Austria was born about 1835 in Lorraine - son of Francis. He died in 1919.
child+376 v. Archduchess Maria Theresa of AUSTRIA-ESTE.

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