244. Francis II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor(75) (8) was born in 1768 in Austria - son of Leopold II. He Ruled Germany between 1792 and 1806.(76) He was christened in 1804 in Austria-Germany - Franz of Hapsburg-Lorraine house. He Ruled Emperor of Austria between 1804 and 1835.(77) He Declaration End of Holy Roman Empire in 1806. (78) He died in 1835 in Germany.

Caroline Augusta of BAVARIA (daughter of King Maximilian I Joseph of BAVARIA and Augusta Wilhelmine of DARMSTADT) was born about 1790 in Bavaria - dtr of Maximilian I Joseph. Francis II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor and Caroline Augusta of BAVARIA had the following children:

child+301 i. Archduchess Leopoldina of AUSTRIA.

He was married to Marie Theresa of BOURBON-NAPLES (daughter of Ferdinand of BOURBON-NAPLES and Mary Caroline of LORRAINE Queen of Naples) in (married cousins). Marie Theresa of BOURBON-NAPLES was born about 1770 in Durazzo (Durres) prefecture of W. Albania.. Francis II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor and Marie Theresa of BOURBON-NAPLES had the following children:

child+302 i. Marie Louise HAPSBURG-LORRAINE Duchess of Parma.
child+303 ii. Ferdinand I of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA Emperor.
child+304 iii. Francis Charles of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA Archduke.

Maria Ludovica of MODENA-ESTE (daughter of Ferdinand of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE and Mary Beatrix of MODENA-ESTE) was born about 1775 in Lorraine - dtr of Ferdinand.

He was married to Elizabeth of WURTTEMBERG (daughter of Archduke Joseph of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE and Maria Dorothea of WURTTEMBERG) in Milan (cousins). Elizabeth of WURTTEMBERG was born about 1770 in Lorrain. She died in 1790 in Vienna - in childbirth.

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