301. Archduchess Leopoldina of AUSTRIA was born in Austria - aka Maria Leopoldina.

She was married to Peter (Dom Pedro) IV of PORTUGAL (son of King John VI of PORTUGAL and Carlotta of SPAIN Queen) in 1818 in Portugal?. Peter (Dom Pedro) IV of PORTUGAL was born in 1798 in Portugal (King of Portugal 1826-1831). He died in 1834 in Europe - aka Pedro I of Brazil. He was christened in Braganza - son of John VI. Archduchess Leopoldina of AUSTRIA and Peter (Dom Pedro) IV of PORTUGAL had the following children:

child+369 i. Maria II of PORTUGAL Queen of Portugal.
child370 ii. Dom Pedro de Alcantara of BRAZIL was born in 1825 in Rio de Janeiro - aka Pedro II of Brazil. He died in 1891 in Church of St. Genevieve at Paris (cousins).

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