200. Leopold II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor(63) (8) was born in 1747 in Austria - son of Francis I & Maria Theresa. He was christened on 5 May 1747 in Vienna - Hapsburg-Lorraine house. (64) He Ruled Tuscany between 1765 and 1790. (65) He Ruled Germany between 1790 and 1792. (66) He died on 19 Mar 1792 in Germany - age 43.

He was married to Mary Louise of BOURBON-SPAIN (daughter of Charles III of BOURBON-SPAIN King) before 1767. Mary Louise of BOURBON-SPAIN was born about 1750 in Spain. Leopold II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor and Mary Louise of BOURBON-SPAIN had the following children:

child+244 i. Francis II of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE HR Emperor.
child+245 ii. Grand Duke Ferdinand III of TUSCANY.
child+246 iii. Archduke Charles Louis of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE.
child+247 iv. Archduke Joseph of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE.
child+248 v. Archduke John of HAPSBURG-AUSTRIA.
child+249 vi. Ranier of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE.
child250 vii. Ludwig (Louis) of HAPSBURG-LORRAINE died in 1864. He was born in Lorraine - son of Leopold II.

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