376. Archduchess Maria Theresa of AUSTRIA-ESTE.

She was married to Ludwig III BAVARIA King (son of Luitpold the Regent of BAVARIA Prince and Auguste of TUSCANY) in 1868. Ludwig III BAVARIA King was born on 7 Jan 1845 in Munich, Bavaria - son of Luitpold the Regent. (133) He was Regent for for Otto I in 1912/13 in German Bavaria.(134) He Ruled German Bavaria between 1913 and 1918.(135) He Abdicated as as King of Bavaria in 1918 in German Bavaria. (136) He died in 1921 in Sarvar Hungary - last of the house of Zweibrucken. He was also known as Louis III of Bavaria. Archduchess Maria Theresa of AUSTRIA-ESTE and Ludwig III BAVARIA King had the following children:

child+474 i. Ruprecht of BAVARIA.

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